Christmas Knitting Kit "Big Love" | hand-dyed yarn, notions and Project bag


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A perfect gift for every knitter! The set contains of the most used accessories and notions and packed in a Cotton Project bag with  which can be signed by your wish.   

The set includes:

  • Woolright Hand-dyed sock yarn 4-ply from (colour "Mulled wine", based on Regia)
  • Handcraft-themed pin
  • Compact scissors ("cat paws") 
  • Needles stoppers (x2)
  • Stitch holder cables: S and L sizes (2x 2m)
  • Christmas set Stitch markers with numbers (x9)
  • Regia anti-slide socks stoppers (“paws” set of 8)
  • Wild leather label "Handmade" 
  • Coconut buttons (x6)
  • Magazine "Lana Grossa Hand-dyed"
  • Velvet Project bag
  • 3x knitting-themed postcards (please leave your text in the comments to your order and we'll write it on the postcard)

Please note: the exact type and color of accessories may vary from the picture, but have the same functionality and quality.