-40% Schachenmayr Alva Fine Silk | 100g


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This luxurious yarn is a high-quality blend of silk, cotton, and merino wool, providing a wonderfully soft texture. Schachenmayr Alva Fine Silk, comprised of 100% natural fibers and featuring silky tweed nubs, is ideal for creating lace and hole patterns, as well as shawls, scarves, sweaters, and jackets — the latter when double-threaded.


  • 50% wool
  • 25% cotton
  • 25% silk
Approx. Length 700 m / 100g
Gauge 26 sts x 36 rows
Needles 2,5-3 mm
How much? A shawl, 70 x 160 cm — appr. 100g
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