-30% Laine magazine #16 | Winter 2023 | Slow Saturday


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Laine is an international knit and lifestyle magazine. 

Laine 16 (Winter 2023) brings you to the streets of our beloved Helsinki, the capital of Finland. We will visit a charming bookstore and an edgy record store, and sit down to have a warming cup of coffee. In short, a perfect, slow Saturday! Dare we say this might be our best issue yet? 

      Producer Laine
      Designers Fiona Alice, Rachel Brockman, Dee Hardwicke, Thien-Kieu Lam, Lotta H Löthgren, Rosa Pomar, Yan Qian, Eri Shimizu, Anna Strandberg and Orlane Sucche
      Language English
      Number of designs 11

      Winter 2023

      Printed in Estonia

      Please note that the weight of a book or magazine is up to 850g.